HG Cement Grout Film Remover (Product 11) 1L


HG cement grout film remover.
Cement grout remover for all types of tiles and flagstones.

HG cement grout film remover 1L (product 11) is a cement grout remover that removes cement residue from all types of porous and non-porous ceramic tiles and flagstones. But also from non-calciferous natural-stone types, such as Norwegian slate, granite and quartzite.

For porous and non-porous ceramic tiles and flagstones.
Also suitable for non-calciferous natural-stone types, such as Norwegian slate.
Strengthens grout.

Product Information:

Cement grout remover with a unique working.

Remove cement grout? The unique aspect of our cement residue remover is that it dissolves cement from the tile surface, but not the cement from the grouting. The grout is even strengthened. Also suitable for removing rust. When it concerns really stubborn cement and mortar residues, we recommend HG tile cement, mortar efflorescence remover (product 12).

How do you use HG cement grout film remover?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG cement grout remover.

Dissolve HG cement grout film remover in water.
First clean the surface that requires treatment with clean water.
Then apply the solution liberally with a floor cloth or mop. Do not treat more than 10 to 15m� at a time.
Scrub the surface well with a stiff broom or scrubbing brush. Leave to work for 15 – 20 minutes, keeping the floor wet with the solution of this cement residue remover in the meantime.
Then scrub the treated surface once more.
Remove the solution with a mop, and mop the floor again with clean water.

Use: Approx. 20-50 m2, depending on the dilution and intensity of the cement grout film.

Which HG products do I need for my tile floor?

Besides this product for removing cement residues, there is also an HG product for removing stubborn cement and mortar residues. The HG range for tile floors also consists of many different products for the optimum care of your precious floor. For example, you can choose from different protectors against wear or against penetrating grease and dirt. This range also comprises a number of different cleaners for regular mopping, and an intensive cleaner for removing grease and caked-on dirt for example.

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