Harris Ultimate Walls Ceilings Reach Paint Brush 2″


This paint brush has been specifically designed and engineered to get the ultimate finish in hard to reach areas on walls and ceilings using emulsion paints.brbrKEY BENEFITSbrPaints Faster* + Extra ReachbrThe angled brush head gives you the ultimate control, the longer handle gives you the reach you need for those difficult areasbrGuaranteed No Bristle Loss*.brFor use with emulsion paints.brSUGGESTED USEbrFor use when cutting in around the top of a wall near the ceiling, around light fixtures and in other hard to reach areas with emulsion paints. For best results, rinse brush head before use to remove any dust.brbrAFTER CAREbrAfter use with water based paints, such as emulsion, remove the excess paint and wash in warm soapy water, or rinse in clean running water or cleaning fluids. Then immediately dry thoroughlybr*Bristle loss may occur if left to soak or if left in a damp area.brbr

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