Calor Gas 47KG Propane


47kg Propane Gas Bottle

*Product image for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary slightly due to new Calor branding.


Our 47kg Propane gas bottle has a wide range of uses including home energy supply for customers who do not have the space for an LPG tank. It is the perfect solution for outdoor and light commercial use. They can also be used for commercial heating and drying.

Product code 00002
Manufacturer Calor
Cylinder Type Propane
Cylinder usage Caravans and motorhomes, Commercial heaters, Light commercial use, Exterior domestic use
Cylinder Colour Red
Capacity 47kg
Height 1290mm
Diameter 375mm
Tare weight (empty) 29.5-57.7kg
Gross weight (full) 95kg
Rec. offtake (approx.) 34Kw
Cost 0



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