Black Decker Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor


Item No: BXAP62002GB

Using a built-in HEPA13 filter, this air purifier is able to remove up to 99.97% of fine particles trapped in the air, eliminating allergens and bacteria to create healthy airflow around your home. Its powerful air purification technology can cleanse air in large rooms up to 50m2, capturing dust and pet hair with a pre-filter to improve your allergies all year round. It features an anti-bacteria filter to trap harmful particles, in addition to a UV light to kill bacteria and germs. Its carbon filter helps cleanse unpleasant odours to refresh your room’s scent. Select from sleep, high or automatic air purification modes for effective cleansing based on your air quality, indicated by 3 LED lights which display the current amount of air pollution in the room. An 8-hour timer can be set to automatically shut down the device at a specified time to save energy.

HEPA13 filters 99.97 percent of fine particulates in rooms up to 50m2
Carbon filter removes odours and gases for clean refreshing air
Pre filter captures pet dander and dust to extend HEPA filter use
Anti-bacteria filter to capture harmful particles
CADR rating 298m3/h
3 Settings: auto high sleep
PM2.5 Laser sensor detects fine particle mater
Multi-coloured LED air quality indicator lights
8 Hour timer and low noise at 25dB
Replacement filter indicator 2200hr lifespan

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