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General DIY

Got a job to do in the home, or garden? Here at Morris Mica we offer you the solution whether it be a simple DIY product or a professional tradesman’s tool.


We keep FW Masons timber & mouldings and sheet material and sell by the piece in a range of sizes. Our prices will amaze you!

Plumbing & Bathroom

We stock a range of plumbing tools, accessories & fittings in plastic speedfit & copper pushfit.
We also stock bathroom & shower accessories (shower heads etc) and bathroom wireware. You will also find shower curtains and matts instore.

Hardware & Ironmongery

We still have everything you would expect from a traditional hardware/ironmongers store, but now with much more!

Hardware encompasses a whole world of products, but we’ve tried to break it down for you below into a few short paragraphs to give a taster of some of the products we offer instore:

Car Care

We offer a basic range of care spares, including bulbs and spares. We offer cleaning products to keep your car looking sparkly including polishes and shampoos. Seasonally we stock those necessary products to keep your car running and safe in the cold months.


Our store has everything you need to make both a practical and attractive fireplace come alive! We offer the matt black finish products with brass handles, for the classic and traditional look of choice.


We sell a huge range of pre-pack fixings, as well as loose fixings (brackets etc) so whether its screws, bolts, nails, brackets or really anything to attach something to something else, we’ve got the solution! We also sell chain in a variety of strengths and thicknesses by the length that you need.


We have ladders of all kinds. Step stools upto step ladders (ranging from 2 to 7 step!), Xtend & Climb clever little ladders that get very very big, Attic/loft ladders, hop-ups and on promotion standard 2/3 section ladders too!


We’ve got a wide range of security products, our expert staff are ready and waiting to advise on any security concern you may have, and offer suitable products to help secure your home and garden.

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